Handmade Italian Ceramics


A complement to the rich and highly imaginative proud works of Italy is a family business with more than a century. The name Stamperia literally translates to ‘Printer,’ and the brand itself, is widely known for handmade textiles. With a pure love for the Mother that is Earth and the gifts that she brings, all materials are sourced from using the most natural, ethical and environmental tools. Elite statement pieces that are sensual to touch, slip elegantly into the fingers, composing a fit that is a smooth and gentle modest elaboration. These sophisticated reinventions of ancestral works demonstrate a distinctive and exclusive aristocratic lifestyle.  Remarkable etiquette portrayed by the illusion of ‘light and airy’ delicate ceramics which were clearly made with prestigious hands. Considerate and careful, but a slip of the brush is no mistake, instead, it is an integrated part of the exquisite design. ODEM chose an impressive selection of colorful hand-painted pleasantly 'wonky' coffee cups and fanciful Italian cereal bowls designed by Stamperia to prosper and bring joy within your modern and stylized vicinity.