Exclusive Collection of Handmade Ceramic Vases



Contemplating in the steadiness of silence is a remarkable artist. 

Mastering ceramic art in the 90s the Journey for Marie Strand Dahl began with extensive studies which relinquished into several scholarships, teaching and an abundance of exhibitions. As she continued to flourish, this thoroughly experienced artist respectfully created a number of exclusive vessels in a variety of timeless forms for her collection. One thing that is striking as a part of each sculpture is the entwined shapes express the curvaceous edges of femininity. In touch with the creations within our universe and the colours which nature produced, she embraces skeletal formations and organic materials to associate with her exclusive designs. Working hands reflect the philosophy of ‘all things are one’ as she submits to the beautiful gifts of clay and glaze received from the mother Earth while tuning into her perspective of existence. Vases cast through the notion of feelings that loom in moments of slowness. ODEM ATELIER is proud to present perpetual objects-of-art handmade by Marie to elevate the interior decor of your home.