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A playful artist reveals that the process is the key aspect to her eccentric creations. Malwina’s work reaches another level of consciousness that will conjure curiosity. A teacher of ceramics, she shares with her students a philosophy of the reconstruction of her own intimate memories. Unpredictable and abstract sculptures are the result of experimental works that are a reflection of inner visions based on immortal and traditional techniques.  Fingertips that focus solely on the spontaneity and the casual flow of chance, her hands transfer fluky coincidences and too, the fragments of recollections of her past into the  physical world. Each purposefully accidental structure expresses character and paints a three-dimensional picture that describes personality to which every one of us can easily relate and recapture the flashback reminders of who we all really are. Beyond the odd and random lies an admirable concept. ODEM noted the affectionate memoir and emphasis on the smaller functional objects also being recognized as sculptures to bestow an abstruse representation of life in Stockholm. Reminisce and adore this designer’s retrospective point of view through her works and refreshing shapes with candlesticks and spectacle petite ornaments.