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Ever since a little girl, Karin Bengtsson has been fascinated by various artistic mediums. Growing with a great admiration of the clayworks that were made by our predecessors but also fascinated by the warp and weft of textiles, she spent her life followed by two concepts and searched for ways to mold them into one. Tripping beyond the hard and rigid of 3D structures by dressing them with minimalistic prints which would normally function for fabric, Karin adds next level layers to clay without limitation.

Her style provides a unique new way of approaching design, proving that ‘integration of the opposite’ can truly create timeless and surreal masterpieces. It is the real understanding of conflicting materials, their reflection and complements, that project a balance and wholeness. Playing with the senses; touch, feel, see and experience her objects. Wonderful as well as usable, this is a collection that is not only ‘nice to look at’ but each piece has a tendency to tantalize the need to explore.