Living Wooden Sculptures



Primitive, a young boy carries a pocket knife. 

As a child, Jörg Pietschmann infinitely found ways to carve something new. Surrounded by different landscapes and improvising, Jörg learnt to work with nature in it's reality. Synchronized, this self-taught artist continues to grow as does the very beauty of organic life that exists around him. Exercising his relationship with nature, Jörg instinctively hunts for the perfect piece and works alongside a material which has a spirit of it's own. The intention is to show the heart of the tree, the soul. With great respect for the power of universal laws, he waits, if possible for the tree to fall alone. 

Excited by the unexpected, it is the unknown of what will emerge from creation that drives momentum. Unity of a clear mind and purpose allows hands to reveal what the cut in the wood will show next. Prospects of finding, once again, the majesty of the tree in it's natural state within a new design. Embrace this artist’s gratitude for living sculptures in rooms which you cherish most. Position and respectfully display heavy bowls that are his representation of the world outside; organic works of art that speak of the forest, loud and dense.