Timeless Ceramics By Anne Junsjö


A life embellished by the unconditional love for her seamstress idol, the passion to create emerged from Anne’s first memories. Images, sitting as a child; stacking and organizing a box of buttons so as to bask in their beauty. A young adult proceeding to study art, consequently discovered a variety of materials, including clay, which opened a door and gave her the freedom to explore ways in which she could build and create whatever was in her mind. 

Later, teaching ceramics in a school of art for more than two decades created the pathway to continuing her own personal journey. A humble and inspirational artist who today has 67 years and, for the best part, has experimentally thrown clay - never stopping to innovate her designs, glazes and techniques.

The nostalgic sentiment of deliberately leaving traces of her fingerprints in her work adds excitement and expresses the playful spirit of her inner child. This Stockholm-based Ceramicist is famous for forming shapes inspired by Japanese Chawan style bowls, proving that drinking tea should be honored by the use of two hands. Fascinated by the endless possibilities, Anne creates enchanted pieces inspired by her childhood and ancient East Asian masters of the past. ODEM has handpicked stunning crafts by Anne Junsjö for you to enjoy. A unique selection of tea bowls, salad bowls, coffee cups and other handmade ceramics have been specifically designed and collected to suit your timeless space.