Recently established in 2017, Stockholm saw the beginning of something special. Contrasting perspectives illustrated from early and late design ethics. A spontaneous collection that defies time and symbolizes a new kind of lifestyle. Clashing aesthetics by intertwining classic with modern, create a continuation of wisdom emerging through technique and design. The sheer passion for crafting unique artefacts by hand, using only simple and sustainable techniques combined with historical knowledge, proves that such a work ethic is the quintessential building block to producing exclusive objects. Nikodem is a collector who gathers the things that capture his eye and fulfill his curiosity. Traditional, yet experimental and spontaneous, he collides the best of the present with hints of an enchanting past.

“ I want every feature to be strong by itself, elevate a room and evoke feelings - almost like having a personality of its own. This whole project is an experiment and a way for me to express my emotions. I am allowing people to peer into what is in my heart as to capture different sides of my taste and mood. “  

All ornaments embrace spontaneous mistakes which allow us to find a marriage between perfection and imperfections. Compassion, love and devotion combined with interpretations of life, result in unique forms that exhibit modern taste.

“ We as a collective believe in items phenomenally made by hand, a real infusion of knowledge and passion. 
As a whole, we want people to love the ordinary objects in their home and enjoy using them every day. “ 

Fascinating worlds collide to fabricate exclusive decor, elevating any room into an exhibition of functional works of art. However you choose to use the objects in the collection you are guaranteed a timeless masterpiece.