Josephine Aune | B.1989



Entering a meditative state of flow, her brushes, hands and inspiration move freely while Aune transfers her feelings onto paper. Working with a strong intuition Josephine reaches a place of full awareness that allows her to transparently express her emotions by creating works of art with a recognizable purity. Using homemade tools, acrylic paint, oil based fine liner pencils and often her fingers Josephine lets her artistry move with abundance, describing creativity as important as air and water to her. Aune has been painting all of her life and only recently her artistic language has been boiled down to the most polished form of expression staying true to her sensitivity and transparently unmasking her soul.

 “Josephine’s work has the ability to move the spectator conveying a sense of stillness and purity. What fascinates me the most is her detailed approach and complete awareness. Creating is not only a part of her, it is all of her.” – Nikodem Calczynki, Odem Atelier

The series “Just Like Sunshine Stains” was created after a long and determined process of finding serenity after a challenging period in 2017. The series shows colors of black, gold, cream and different shades of brown, often mixed by herself to create a perfectly unity between the materials used. With strong influences drawn from her many years as a fashion editor and stylist, Josephine is extremely detail oriented and only works with the highest quality materials. Meticulously handpicking every element to make sure the color tones, textures and tactility creates an impeccable whole.

Discover the subtle elegance created by a deeply connected artist and allow yourself to experience the aura of their timeless perfection