Eva Zethraeus | B.1971



A fascination in how the world looks at a microscopic level conveyed through the hands of a leading ceramicist.

Inspired by the lifecycle of the virus and other botanical and biological specimen Eva Zethraeus has spent several years in researching a way of constructing and deconstructing the viruses method of replicating itself. Fascinated by reoccurrence in nature she finds interest in how organized the seemingly chaotic universe is on a microscopic level and depicts this by a repetition of form. Working out of Gothenburg, Sweden Eva Zethraeus is constantly researching and challenging herself within a tight field of work. Spending years obsessing over how complicated a sculpture she can create her work exhibits strong stylistic influences from her many artist residences in Japan and is colored by a multinational upbringing.

“What I love the most about Eva Zethraeus is her endless energy and determination towards her work. Her pieces are so extremely complex and detail oriented, they come to life, evoke feelings and are mesmerizing to look at.”

Being extremely technically developed every part is hand thrown and made with the utmost precision and attention to detail. Taking up to 3 months to create her larger pieces are an intricate dance between technical skill, experience and the physical possibilities of clay. Spending over 25 years developing her own porcelain and glaze recipes the works have slowly evolved with her most recent work showing a refined control of glaze, movement to the tentacles and platinum on the tips.

Eva Zethraeus  has over 10 years of art related study behind her, culminating in a MFA from the HDK university in Gothenburg, 1998. Her work has been exhibited worldwide and is part of many formidable collections including the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm and Röhsska Muséet in Gothenburg. She has also received several extensive grants and scholarships throughout the years.