Ceramic Sculpture

Dimensions | Height 48 cm (18.9") Width 35 cm (13.8") Depth 35 cm (13.8") 

A deep knowledge of the human anatomy transferred into a 3D rendering of the artists mind.

Inspired by the physical body, Bo, an experienced ballet dancer, choreographer and artists has a unique way of conveying his thoughts into sculptures with a timeless twist and motion that tell a story from every angle.

Touch the smooth surface and experience spontaneous patterns created by cracks in the glaze formed during the violent process of a raku firing and allow yourself to be seduced by the shapes, twists and turns.

With over four decades of experience behind him Bo Arenander begins with a simple shape and intuitively hand coils stoneware clay to raise a completely unique body, constantly stroking the surface making sure it follows the desirable motion he has envisioned.

Fired in a traditional raku kiln the hot sculpture is abruptly pulled out of the kiln resulting in countless cracks to the glaze. The glowing hot piece is quickly covered in saw dust, violently bursting into flames the ash from the burnt wood slips into the cracks accentuating the unique and organic pattern of the cracks.

Created in Stockholm, the piece is signed and dated 2012. It was acquired by ODEM ATELIER from the artists personal collection.

*The object is stable and stands on its own. It has a prepared hole in the bottom with the possibility of being mounted on a stand if needed. The work will be delivered free of charge worldwide and transported using an experienced fine art transportation company with fully traceable shipments.

Sorry - this product is currently not avaiable for purchase.

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