Carved Oak Bowl

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Dimensions | Width 43 cm (17") x Depth 43 cm (17") x Height 18 cm (7")

For almost half a century this incredible indigenous oak stood alive, growing at it's own pace. Over time, the trunk became hollow and was no longer able to carry the load of it's crown, eventually splitting and breaking apart. After being hand picked by the artist, this incredible piece of nature embarked on a journey from a place of origin to the workshop. It takes six months to dry, a long and intricate process of losing tension and moisture. Once complete, the structure can be carved; the colour, shape and size is reworked in balance with the wood’s rustic character and momentum. The form depends on the grain, split, cracks and holes of a material that is still alive. Evolving, the object transforms into a timeless monument to the tree from which it derived. Carefully oiled, this beautifully carved wooden bowl is an intimation of physical presence and is a majestic sculpture in it's own right.

First, it was found then, chosen. A tree that was gifted a second life.

Dimensions | Width 43 cm (17") x Depth 43 cm (17") x Height 18 cm (7")

Artist | Jörg Pietschmann

Material | Oak

Age | 3-400 Years

Carving Techique | Worked By Hand Using Various Tools

Surface | Polished & Oiled 3 times

Colors | Brown

Origin | Hamburg, Germany

Use | Centerpiece, Fruit Bowl, Wooden Sculpture

Features | Durable, Large, Detailed, High-Quality

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