Ceramic Sculpture

Dimensions | Height 63 cm (25") x Width 30 (12") x Depth 23 cm (9")

A deeply rooted love for the human body conveyed in a striking 3D representation of the artists mind.

Discover a very special piece, being one of the largest ever made by Bo Arenander and the first of its series. Explore the smooth surface allowing your senses to feel the sleek shape composed by the touch of a master ceramicicst and be absorbed by the spontaneous patterns created by cracks in the glaze.

With inspiration drawn from the negative forms found between brush strokes in his paintings paired with his experience as a ballet dancer and choreographer give the sculpture a unique presence made to be enjoyed from every angle.

With over four decades of experience in different artistic mediums and education in both Stockholm and New York, Bo is a well-rounded artist that is driven by the creative process.

Hand coiled stoneware clay is spontaneously built up with a perfect synergy between his eyes and hands. Traditionally raku fired using a hand built kiln the surface cracks when pulled out of the heat. The clay is buried in sawdust, violently bursting into flames and filling the cracks with a deep, black ash to accentuate their shape.

Created in Stockholm, the piece is signed and dated 2009, making it his earliest piece in this series. It was acquired by ODEM ATELIER from the artists personal collection and is the artists personal favorite.

*The object is stable and stands on its own. It has a prepared hole in the bottom with the possibility of being mounted on a stand if needed. The work will be delivered free of charge worldwide and transported using an experienced fine art transportation company with fully traceable shipments.

Sorry - this product is currently not avaiable for purchase.

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